10 Things to Do At India Gate During Monsoons



India Gate and monsoons have a special connection. The sobriety of this war memorial, a tourist destination, is complemented with multitude of hues and colors during the rainy season that blends into the atmosphere, making this place one of the liveliest spots in Delhi. The green lawns are greener than usual and the huge fountains attract the most of the crowd. This place is open for visitors on all days from morning till late evening without an entry fee. Some Delhiites may find it a picnic spot for weekends, while others may find it mundane. So, here I present some exciting things you can do to come out of the humdrum time at India Gate.

  1. Capture the extraordinary moments – You need not be a professional photographer or own an expensive camera to capture some chirpiest moments at India Gate. All you need is a good observation. People coming from different cultures and backgrounds make this place captivating. Then of course, India Gate and its surroundings look fresh with every visit–the canopies, the Amar Jawan Jyoti, the soldiers guarding the place, all calls for a fascinating click. How can I forget the selfies? Try taking one here!India-Gate-Blog-Monsoon-HighSpirits
  2. Experience the boating – Monsoon is the ideal time for indulging into such pleasures and what better than boating at India Gate. India Gate has a boat club on the other side of the main road which offers a 15 minute ride for Rs. 50. So, next time if you happen to visit this place, do not miss this part.India-Gate-Blog-Monsoon-HighSpirits
  3. Do some munching – It is not really advisable to jump onto street food during rains, but little indulgence is not bad. Although you have endless eating options like Dosas and Chinese Noodles right from the India Gate to Raj Path, however, instead you can opt for some corns, chana (wrapped in paper cones), Bhelpuri or Candyfloss, if you have a sweet tooth. Enjoy them while you take a walk around the place.India-Gate-Blog-Monsoon-HighSpirits
  4. Apply mehendi on palms – Girls have an advantage over boys here. All you ladies can try out Mehendi designs or block imprints. Most of these women who apply Mehendi here are skillful Rajasthani women. Mind it; they are as adroit in asking for money, as they are in applying Mehendi. Therefore, ask for the rates clearly before you get going. Depending on designs the rates start from Rs. 50 for cone Mehendi and Rs. 5 for block Mehendi, per imprint. (Oh! By the way that’s me in the picture getting it done. Wink)India-Gate-Blog-Monsoon-HighSpirits
  5. Date and dote – Sounds a little cheesy, is it? Lush green garden and a walk hand in hand or a silent corner where you are audible enough, is not cheesy at all. Going for movies, restaurants, shopping are so clichéd. How about spending time together; talking, observing people, taking pictures and sharing some common likes and dislikes? Rainy season is the best time to explore the wildest and the weirdest side of your partner.India-Gate-Blog-Monsoon-HighSpirits
  6. Fly kites and fly them high – This goes perfectly with the mood of the season—Independence Day and the rains. Go with your friends and family and enjoy the kite flying session. Let the people around, envy you and do the same next time they visit India Gate.India-Gate-Blog-Monsoon-HighSpirits
  7. Relive your childhood – There’s a common belief that you relive your childhood days when you become a parent. However, nowhere is it written that you cannot be a kid again, if you don’t have one. Find the kid within you and shop for some colorful balloons, trinkets, whistles, bubble maker and enjoy to the fullest without worrying about those eyes watching you.India-Gate-Blog-Monsoon-HighSpirits
  8. Watch kids plunging into water – Now that you have been in their shoes, watch them dipping and diving into the pond. Listen to their giggles and watch them carefully splashing water onto each other. To listen to the gurgling sound of water, flowing from a fountain here, is meditative. Watch, listen and feel the joy in simple pleasures that does not cost you a penny.India-Gate-Blog-Monsoon-HighSpirits
  9. Walk down to Raj Bhawan and enjoy the sunset – The sunset from the Raj Bhawan is a marvelous show. If you have made it to India Gate, complete your day with the sunset there. You can walk down to Raj Bhawan, sit there till you see a splendid sunset.India-Gate-Blog-Monsoon-HighSpirits
  10. Bird watching – Watch the fleet of birds going back to their nest as the evening comes to an end with sunset in the backdrop. Drench yourself in the stealthiest moment amidst the chaos. Recapitulate each and every moment you spent here, before you go back home and go back to the same monotonous life.India-Gate-Blog-Monsoon-HighSpirits

With so much and more, you will definitely want to come back again and again. Do remember these 10 things when you visit India Gate during monsoons.


For more information on India Gate, visit:  http://www.delhitourism.gov.in/delhitourism/tourist_place/india_gate.jsp

To check out more images on India Gate, visit: http://www.ashishphotography.com/




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