Book Review: Women & Men In My Life


Authors: Khushwant Singh
Women & Men in My

Publisher: Harper Collins

Price: INR 299

Pages: 254

My rating: 3/5

Women & Men in My Life by Khushwant Singh talks about some 12 women and 15 men in his life in two parts. Since this was the first of Khushwant Singh’s that I read, this book certainly had the edge over others. I do not deny that I ranked this book based more on his writing style that impressed me heavily than anything else.

I would personally not call this book great because it talks about people from all walks of life, who left a hint of remembrance or affected Mr. Singh’s life in a positive or a negative way (mostly negative). After reading a few chapters and understanding what he is up to, the only thing that came to my mind was why anyone would like to read about people in his life who are not really a known personality? Moreover, there’s a saying, “Small minds discuss people”, then why something like this could have ever come from someone as known a writer as Khushwant Singh.

Part One of the Book

Part one of the book is dedicated to 12 ‘women’ in Khushwant Singh’s life. Most of the women mentioned here are not well-known. I spotted one thing as common in all of them, actually two. Firstly, they were all big fans of the respected author. Perhaps, he  selected such characters knowingly. Secondly, most of them were beautiful in Khushwant Singh’s eyes in some way or the other.

Part Two of the Book

Part two is dedicated to 15 ‘men’ in his life, of whom there are scarcely good things mentioned in comparison to women. His bold remarks at places for those whom he once considered as friends left me startled. Some of them are absolutely personal.

What I liked?

I liked the way his writing style flows. The flawlessly articulated verbiage that is not too complicated, works like a varnish on raw furniture. The choice of words, fresh and engaging, is a promise to keep one engaged till the last page. And, this calls for another book by Khushwant Singh to understand, analyze and simply digest what he has already written in his literary works. Yes, I am going to read him more.



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