36th India International Trade Fair 2016: A Show Like Never Before



It’s a season of carnivals and despite the buzz around demonetization; it’s enthralling to see the excitement in people participating in such events. One such affair I experienced soon after Electronic Daisy Festival was India International Trade Fair, popularly known as IITF. The much-awaited fair at Pragati Maidan, New Delhi attracts humongous audience every year and if you haven’t got a chance to visit it yet, this is a golden opportunity for you as what you are going to see is something to look up with pride.

 Encapsulating a theme of “Make in India”, the focus is evident on “Swach Bharat Abhiyan”, “Digital India” and other initiatives making the visitors proud of their country.

You can buy an entry ticket for Rs. 100 and can plan a day to visit the spectacular show with plenty of stalls exhibiting their work and specialities from different states. The handicrafts and handlooms constitute the majority of the fair and lure the crowd with vibrant colours, traditional art forms, unique presentation and designs. What is even more interesting is the artisans sitting in one corner of these stalls giving you a fair idea of how they come up with the finished masterpiece. Some of these we re the cane & bamboo artists–weaving and twining thin strips into stylish jewellery boxes, vases and lampshades, metal embossing experts sculpting the statues beautifully with chisel and hammer, candle maker flaunting the finesse of his art of making perfumed candles.


What further drove my attention was the Madhubani artwork and such splendid show by the artists from Jharkhand. The artists revealed that the completion of one artwork which is about 2 ft X 3 ft involves outlining with a nib and colouring takes them around 20 days if they dedicate 4-5 hours in a day. And, the work certainly deserves an applaud. Considering their tireless effort and dedication put together, the paintings are not expensive at all and I believe this is where one must spend their money, which will not just give the artists a right push, but also promote our traditional art and save it from dying. Another such disappearing art found here is Batik, you will find in Khadi segment. Extraordinary batik prints for decoration and apparel. I was filled with the air of happiness to see what rich culture my country possesses.


What more? The statewise halls also depict the development in the last few years. The focus is on transforming states digitally and introducing technology to remote areas. How the companies like Intel are taking initiatives with the support of the government to educate and reform India digitally. They projected the transparency in the system with digital transactions. And, when we talk of the portrayal of digital transformation, Madhya Pradesh is the torch-bearer. Personal hygiene and cleanliness of surroundings are given due consideration at the trade fair and Swachh Bharat boards and hoardings follow you everywhere.


This 36th Trade Fair has South Korea as partner country and you get a chance to see some energetic performances of the dance artists and performers from Korea. Full of dynamism, talent and excitement they showcase their performance and take the audience by storm. The supporting crowd goes screaming and waving in anticipation.

Despite that what appealed me this time is the focus on India and the developments that we are constantly making. It is crucial for a nation like ours to project the rich culture and heritage in a way like never before. Let the entire world know we may still be a developing country, but have developed in innumerable ways. This might be one of those baby steps, but I’m sure there’s lot more to come.

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