A Woman So Strong



You gave me not what I wanted, took away all that I adored;

You gave me what I least admired, gifted me all that I abhorred.


I wept and did whatever I could; you kept silent watching me forlorn,

I stood, fought and accepted what life brought, collected pieces–torn.


You continue to show me testing times; I walk, fall and manage to smile,

I still cry, not to ask you to be kind; test me till eternity and I promise I’ll be fine.


You challenge me and I do the same, you make it worse and I’m all game;

I’ll be those few who never give up; I challenge you that I’ll forever remain.


Bring it on—the toughest of times, I’ll still make hay while the sun shines;

Come what may, you will always see how I illuminate the darkest of nights.


Be as harsh as you possibly can, I’ll stand tall as a mountain giant;

Push me to the limits and one day you’ll see all of them failing to survive.


That’s how I take each hardship that befalls; you may continue to pour in;

Yet, I would not give up at all, because I have learnt to go on and on.









Anupriya Mishra is a writer, an independent blogger, a voracious reader and a freelance journalist. Truly in love with life, she wishes to celebrate each day by contributing to her blog. Her passions such as reading, writing, traveling, and photography have their unending space on the blog, which is a true reflection of her personality. She calls herself, “Wanderer by choice, Writer by passion.” To know more about her travel escapades, take a look at the “Travel & Living” section of the blog. Moreover, she conducts reviews of books, movies, hotels and restaurants. She also has a penchant for Fashion, Lifestyle, Events, Promotions, Books, Music, Features and Poems, all of which find space on the blog.


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