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Who am I?

There’s nothing extraordinary about me to boast of as I’m just an ordinary lady. My passion for writing has, however, helped me in being a freelance journalist, an independent blogger and a content specialist. I live in New Delhi, India and I’m totally fond of this place. What makes me love this place is the floating culture and the enthusiasm in people to grace all occasions irrespective of the community they belong to. The liveliness and warmth that the people show you here is awesome. I love travelling and dream to become the world’s renowned travel writer and do something for the social cause and the betterment of society. I believe in chasing dreams till I achieve them. And, then I dream more!

When did it all begin?

Writing has been in my blood since my childhood days and from the time of my forefathers. Having been born and brought up in a family where books were worshiped and not just read; words were not just a mere construction of alphabets, but the bricks that helped in building a strong foundation, writing is more a feeling of eternal bliss to me. I wrote my first poem when I was 8 years old. Since then, I have written for Hindustan Times, Times Group, Swagat (Air India in-flight magazine), Saudi Gazette and various blogs and online portals.

My biggest motivation…

My biggest motivation has been my mom since my childhood and now, it’s also my husband who has ears to whatever I say. He’s my biggest and number one fan, the best critic and a wonderful companion I could have ever had. Most importantly, he loves me the way I am and with him I could be my real self.

Why blog?

I blog because I feel writing relieves me of all the unnecessary burdens. This is the best way to share your thoughts with like minded people and otherwise. I love to hear from people who love my blogs and equally from those who have some negative feedback or criticism.

What’s with ‘Endless Thoughts’?

I strongly believe that it’s your thoughts that make or break you. A man procures the chain of thoughts throughout his life. This blog is about weaving such endless thoughts (threads of life) to make a beautiful tapestry out of it called life. There are good times and bad times in everybody’s life. You can share your thoughts with me and be a part of this tapestry.

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Your comments inspire me to write. Do not think twice. :)