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It is truly said that if one has to find God, he must search within himself. However, if one has to find innate peace, he must visit the holy Dargah of Ajmer Sharif. Approximately 390 kms. from Delhi and 4 kms. from the Ajmer Railway Station, Dargah Ajmer Sharif can be on your list of destinations for a weekend getaway. This holy place represents Sufism and people from all nooks and corners come to pay homage and offer chadar to the sanctum of Khwaja Moinuddin Chisti, addressed benevolently as Gareeb Nawaz (Benefactor of the Poor). The beauty of this holy shrine is known to the world. It is believed that all your prayers are heard, if you visit this place with undeterred belief. Thus, irrespective of the religion, caste or creed, people flock in and around this place almost all the year round. It is also one of the major tourist attractions for it holds in itself a splendid ornate beauty. Apart from this, there is a huge festival every year, in the month of May or June, which lasts for a month. This festival is in Memory of Khawaja Sahib and is known as Urs Fair in Ajmer.

Towards the Main Entrance
One cannot miss to notice the decorative lanes with interesting displays of sweets, handicrafts, handlooms, utensils on both the sides. Shops of fabrics with Bandhni prints in various colors and patterns make it look flamboyant. The closer you reach your destination, you would see the flower shops and vibrant chadars, ranging from Rs. 100 to Rs. 1000. The same shops will be seen displaying “Mannat ka dhaga” while some other vendors also sell them on the move.

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Mannat ka Dhaga
Mannat ka dhaga or the religious thread of which holds a lot of significance at Dargah Ajmer Sharif. As the name suggests, it is believed that if you tie it inside the Dargah, your wish is fulfilled and you would then revisit this place to untie the thread.

Khadims, Local Guides, and People

You will find khadims who will be eager to help you with the place at the main entrance and ensure that you are not jostled by the humungous fleet of devotees. The one with me, made it all the more easy as I reached the place around evening prayer and it would have been nearly impossible to get inside, prior to Namaz.

Ajmer Sharif-Blog-Anupriya Mishra

The Magnificent Nizam Gate
Hardly a five minute walk from the parking area, Nizam Gate, is colossal and embarked with splendid craftsmanship embellished with colorful gold inlay work that adds beauty beyond words. The entrance leads to a portico known as Begami Daalan. The exquisite marble pillars with intricate detailing purely reflects the golden era of Mughal architecture. This gate is followed by Shahjahani Gate and then Buland Darwaza. On stepping inside the Dargah, there is a marble premise all in bright white marble that would bring a gleam to your eyes. There is a sequence of patterned windows and walls, where women are seen tying the thread.

Inside into the Massive Courtyard
The marble courtyard is seen full of men, sitting on their knees at the time of prayer and women close to the porch on the other side. The place is quiet and serene, despite the overflow of people. The silence of this holy place is empowering. It makes you feel eternal and you can sit for hours in a corner to absorb the serenity and holiness of this place. There’s something about this place that will make you want more–more of love, peace, harmony, divinity, godliness, purity and everything spiritual. Perhaps, this is why the sacred place holds undying faith in the heart of devotees far and wide. There are also qawwals singing Sufi recitals that intensify the feeling of eternal bliss.

Entrance to the Mazar
Moving towards the mazar, you would witness the heavy doors mounted with silver plates. There are glittering chandeliers adding to the beauty of the dazzling doors. The moment you step in you feel supreme divinity surrounding you just like a halo. You would wish to embrace the moment and live the rest of your life in it. It is magical!

This place holds a story in itself, which is far beyond words. The exquisite architecture is not to be missed as it speaks of the royal Mughal Sultanat. You need a day’s time to explore Ajmer and spend ample time here at the Dargah.

Facts to Remember
Cameras are prohibited inside the shrine.
Best time to visit: October to March.
Well connected to the major cities of India by land, rail and air.
Popular Markets: Madar Gate, Chudi Bazzar, Naya Bazaar, Dargah Bazaar, and Kesarganj
Nearby Tourist Destination: Pushkar, a 20 mins. drive from this place.

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