Amidst the Mad Race and House Hunt


A milestone achieved! Certainly house hunting is a tedious task, moreover, if it’s supposed to be in the country capital. Finally, I succeeded yesterday in finding a good accommodation for myself. With the entire struggle, profuse sweating under the sun and loitering involved, I found a beautiful flat for myself, in a serene and just my kind of locality. Not a stone left unturned, all possible contact buzzed and all proximity investigated, I eventually landed up to this place. Amazingly lit, well-ventilated rooms, a newly constructed flat with greenery around and everything accessible, what else could I have looked for?

It took me two months to search for a house of my dreams in Delhi, since the time I moved from Gurgaon. That’s not like ages though and just three months. So, to be precise it’s my second house within a short span of time. However, this one seems to be like a dream come true.

Delhi is a city of insane landlords (Apologies, if one of you reads this) and there is always a mad race going on between property dealers. Midst all the insanity, I luckily found one of the best places around, with hopefully one of the least insane owners. Moreover, if the owner belongs to the same place as that of yours; it can be a real add-on.

In my case, the HoD that’s the landlord’s wife turned out to be from the same city as that of mine; Lucknow – the City of Nawabs. Who can break the stereotypical image of Lucknowites being polite, warm and courteous? I try my best not to, but somewhere occasionally Delhi influences me a bit. No sooner I realize that this is not me. In fact, I’m now a mix of cultures/ regions as having stayed and pursued my education in South; I have some elements of almost everywhere. This turned out to be another factor of getting me this house.

In a nutshell, I am on cloud nine for the next couple of days as I have a home to make. My crazy mind never rests. It plans now of decorating each corner of the house in an effort to make it a ‘Home Sweet Home’. Let’s see where I end up this time.


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