Hotel Review: The Belmonte by Ace, Goa



Ever imagined how heaven looks like? My imagination corresponds it with a place that’s pristine white, glittery gold and exudes positive energy. This is what encapsulates the hotel ‘The Belmonte by Ace’. Situated in Anjuna Beach area in Goa, The Belmonte is an all-suite resort.

As a benefit of visiting this place in off-season, I got to experience their Honeymoon Suite–exceptionally vibrant interiors and well-equipped with all the modern amenities.



Entry to The Belmonte – The hotel entrance did not impress me at the very first sight, but the interior of the hotel was far better.


Check-in made easy – On reaching the reception, one of the staffs welcomed me with a courteous smile and  made me do some usual formalities. The process was quick. It could also be perhaps because I had booked my room in advance through one of the travel and booking apps. The booking was totally based on the intriguing reviews about the hotel by the previous guests. Since, this was my first visit to Goa in off-season, I preferred a hotel over shacks or houses.

Climbing stairs wasn’t bad – Do not expect a lift even if you book a room on the second floor. However, the best part is that the stairs aren’t too steep to end you up in huffing. There were yellow lampshades mounted on the ceiling of the staircase, aesthetically done and dark dense branches of tree were trying to peep through.


HM Suite 1 – Yes, then there come my room-HM1, the Honeymoon Suite. I was elated to see a room which was unusually spacious, exquisitely lit that shone bright. Everything from the colour of the wall, drapes, couch, furniture, mirror frame, blinds to all that my eyes could see was purely white. The room looked fantastic, hygienic and untouched. The blinds covered the room walls on the two sides completely and the third wall partly. Behind the blinds were glass panels taking up half the walls. The lights on the ceiling were no less than spotlights beautifying every corner of the room. The silver and white ceramic lamp-shades on the both the side tables of the low-flooring bed added further beauty. I so wanted to gaze through the windows to find what the other side had in store for me, but all in vain as it was pitch dark. I had to wait till morning!

Mornings can’t be better – Next morning, I woke up just when the dawn and the extreme silence broke together. I could hear the birds chirping. I was forced out of my bed to raise the stiff white blinds. I saw lush green trees surrounding the room giving a feeling of staying in a treehouse amidst forest. The excitement was soaring high and I raised the other side of the blinds to see a green carpet adorned by shrubs and tall coconut trees. The sun blazed in the backdrop. It certainly made my day without even stepping out of the hotel. And, then of course there was so much more to explore.

Service at The Belmonte – Not every hotel keeps up to their commitment of portraying the best hospitality and showing courteousness to its guests. Especially in a place like Goa, where tourists pour in humongous numbers, it becomes a tough job. Quite contrary to this, the hotel staffs at The Belmonte were extremely generous and what I liked the most was that they were on their toes all the time. Call the desk at 11 in the night or 6 in the morning; they were keen to help you in the politest way. In fact they also spent some amount of time guiding me and amending my itinerary with their local expertise.


Food at The BelmonteThe hotel has a limited menu and this can be a major turn-off for few. However, the good news is that whatever limited cuisines they have, it’s good enough to satiate your taste buds.

Placement of the property – The hotel situated somewhat  in the interior and may give chills down your spine if visiting in the dark. However, if you speak to the local people they claim it absolutely safe to even walk down the road at midnight or beyond. Here’s the distance from some of the main tourist spots:

1.8 km from Chapora Fort | 2.1 kms from Vagator Beach | 4 kms from Anjuna Beach | 7 kms from Mapusa Bus Station | 7.3 kms from Baga Beach | 8 kms from Calangute Beach | 10.6 kms from Candolim Beach | 10.7 kms from Morjim Beach | 18.2 kms from Thivim Railway Station | 41.5 kms from Goa International Airport

My Ratings

Hotel Ambiance: 3.5/5

Management: 4/5

Service: 4/5

Food: 3.5/5

Rooms: 4/5

Hygiene & Cleanliness: 3.5/5

Overall Rating: 4/5


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Contact no. – 07721897771, 07721897772


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