Book Review: Messages from the Masters—Tapping into the Power of Love

Messages from the masters Book Cover Messages from the masters
Dr Brian Weiss
Grand Central Publishing
February 12, 2016

This book subtly connotes that we never lose our loved ones. We may lose them in their physical form, however, the soul exists and we meet them again in our next lives. Love and compassion make the world go round. The author beautifully describes how love for him is God.

The author, a renowned psychotherapist, shares his experiences of his patients where they went through past life regression therapy and how interestingly do they co-relate their present experiences with the past. It's further transcending to know how the therapy helps them find their happier self and lead to contentment.


I recently read this book Messages from the Masters written by a famous American psychotherapist and author of the renowned book Many Lives, Many Masters, Dr Brian L. Weiss. After reading both the books, I have developed a sense of curiosity in past life and to some extent a strong belief that each one of us has a purpose of living.

Undoubtedly, this is not a self-help book, yet it unfolds you to many dimensions and realities of life that one seeks an answer for. It’s purely a non-fictitious book which will inspire you to have a positive outlook towards life and help strengthen relationships with people around you.

The book shares the experiences of Dr Weiss’ patients and takes you through their transformational healing journey and the lessons they learned from it. It is surprising to know about their connections with people from their past life, whom they lost to an accident or injury, again related to them in their existing life. The book precisely says that you don’t ever lose your loved ones. You always meet them in one way or the other in subsequent lives.

Definitely, it would all not make sense until you read this book or at least a couple of them. However, once read, you’d be marvelled by the power it withholds. This book will help you build strong connections, relate to people and start valuing those around you.

Why wait? Start building a beautiful, life after life, relationships with people.

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