Book Review: There’s something about you

Author: Yashodhara Lal

Publisher: Harlequin India Pvt. Ltd. (An Imprint of HarperCollins Publishers)

MRP: INR 175

Pages: 256

My rating: 3.5/5

There’s something about this book just like its title; no pun intended. The moment I received this book for a review, I thought it would be just another story of a lovey dovey couple. However, this book is quite contrary to my expectations, thankfully! With every page I flipped through while reading this book, I found myself engrossed more into it. The storyline is absolutely unique and something that would leave you in suspense till you read the next chapter and it remains till the last page. This book is no melodrama or silly college romance types.

It is a story of a girl next door—someone you can relate to easily because we all know of someone or the other facing similar issues—in our friend circle, among relatives, colleagues, and alike.

About the Book

The story plots around a girl who is in her late 20s and is still unmarried; because of her heavy built. She blames her overweight and unkempt personality for anything that goes wrong in her life.

The author of this book, Yashodhara Lal has carefully fabricated the protagonist of her book, Trishna a.k.a.Trish. Not everyone can explain the level of frustration, the way the author does. Only because Trish is plump, she has to live with those people with weird glances, watching her from head to toe, neglecting her presence, avoiding an eye contact with her and treating her in a most disdainful manner. Yet, there was something about Trish and that is what I wanted to know as a reader.

Trish, a bold character, despite the daily challenges in her life kept everyone alive with her sarcasm, not with an intention to hurt anyone. Her life is not rosy like any other girl of her age, who’s settled after marriage, have a husband to confide in and kids to keep her busy. She has stopped thinking about experiencing that phase of her life and has accepted herself the way she is, quite comfortable in her skin by now.

Nevertheless, the challenges that come up in her life and the way she confronts them will make anyone fall in love with her. Trish is a mix bag of emotions. On a negative side of her, she’s shown to be frustrated, holding a low self-esteem and on a positive side, she’s bold, independent, brave and a warmhearted person. She takes care of her parents being an only child. Her relationship with her Ma (Mom) and Ba (Dad) is realistically appealing as it makes you feel a spectator, sitting in Trish’s flat at the Sea View Apartments at Bandstand, Mumbai and closely watching upon their activities.

Despite the inner conflicts Trish goes through, she resides in herself a beautiful soul, which prompts her to help anyone whom she finds in trouble. Due to this over-helping nature of her, she bumps into a stranger one fine day, who later gives a meaning to her life. The sudden transformations and events in her life eventually leads to many good things.

Aside to this, Trish is an idealist who would never compromise on her principles. She decides to sincerely help people who seek for her advice through a newspaper column, even if it is at the cost of giving up her only job in hand–a freelance job as an anonymous columnist in one of the top-selling newspapers. She’s a woman of substance and knows how to deal with “egomaniacs” like the editor of the newspaper, supposedly a big shot. Trish is a problem solver and has a heart of gold and that’s what makes her only friend Akanksha stick to her, Lisa-Akanksha’s daughter adore her and last but not the least Sahil Aggarwal fall for her.


‘There’s something about you,’ is a beautiful story of a magnificent character. The story plays strong, and gracefully reflects how an ordinary woman can do extraordinary things despite all odds. It depicts how this woman with heavy built didn’t have to do much to win laurels and hearts of people, but be herself and go with the flow of doing things that her conscience allowed her to. What’s more important is the beauty that lies within in the form of a soul. Trish is seen to be caring, loving, selfless, courageous and independent, which made her a complete woman. The story is positive, ends on a happy note with her finding the biggest truth of her life, accepting it in a most mature way and defying the fact which she always believed in, “Some people are better off not getting married.”

p.s. The only confusion remains to me is that the girl on the cover pic doesn’t seem to resemble Trish, for her straight and silky hair.

p.p.s All those who have read this book or plan to read it would understand what I am referring to. 🙂

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