EDC 2016 Debut in India Set the Stage on fire



The description of what I present here may not be profound and the images may not be able to convey the whole experience, but the Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) 2016 nailed it with their very first appearance in India.

Insomniac and OML in partnership with Budweiser presented Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC), a great pomp and show for electronic music lovers; a two-day event starting Nov. 12-13 at Buddh International Circuit, Greater Noida (Delhi NCR). These two days were electrifying; the reason that the festival was back to back live performances of electric music artists. The spot was separated by three gigantic scenic stages—Kinetic Field, Circuit Grounds, and Neon Garden, however, united by music and all so eclectic. With 6-7 performance on each stage on a single day, the Buddh International Circuit was a heavenly treat for music lovers especially youngsters who have trance and electric music flowing through their veins.


A spectacular view of the magnificent lights, shopping tents right at the entry with some exclusive stuff to shop for like the graphic Tees, decorative items, accessories & bags, ramped up the thrill. A vibrant truck sized radio moved around with electronic dance music driving the crowd crazy. People danced to the music like insane and walked in parallel with the radio, full of energy and enthusiasm larger than life. The costumed performers were keeping the audience engaged at every level—the stage, amidst the crowd, lounge area. They were the jumping jacks; highly entertaining and dressed up in creative costumes of butterflies, bees, poster girls, birds and the level of versatility they possessed i inexplicable. They were surely the heart of the event.


For the thirsty throats, Budweiser had made every arrangement to quench the thirst of the audience accompanied with some lip-smacking snacks. The food stalls displayed the specialities from Hyderabad, South India, Banaras and lots more to satiate your palate.


Each one of us present there, witnessed the vivid daylight transforming into a colourful, vibrant evening with surreal beauty of colourful lights, electrifying music, splendid fireworks, bright streamers and ribbons amidst the variety of artwork and forms that kept everyone’s eyes glued. All the three stages were splendidly decorated and were in different themes which looked exotic. The visuals and animations in the backdrop allured the audience and further enthused charm. The security was high and at various levels with vigilant and firm security personnel.


The crowd was unimaginably high on music. All you could see was the silhouette of people dancing and jumping in excitement against the extremely bright and quirky lights of the magnificent state-of-the-art kind of a stage. The artists like Afrojack, Alesso, Steve Aoki, Tommy Trash, Yellow Claw, Nucleya, Anish Sood, and Arjun Vagale performed flawlessly and did not miss a moment to engage the spectators. It was, of course, a great grand festival to be remembered by one and all and to be awaited in desperation for the next time. I look forward to it. Do you?


 EDC in a nutshell

Electric Daisy Carnival (popularly known as EDC), is one of the biggest and finest electronic dance music festivals around the globe with its annual flagship held in Las Vegas, Nevada.


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