My First Ever Experience of a Foot Cream That’s WOW!



I’ve a very bad habit of trying on my momma’s stuff since childhood.

They are special! This time when I was on a vacation to my home during Diwali, I found a tube of cream lying to an adjacent table. While dilly-dallying like I usually do when I’m home, I picked it up and saw it was a foot cream. Out of nowhere, I felt like applying some to my feet. I took out a fair portion and carefully massaged my feet. It wasn’t required at all, but this is what I call simple pleasures of life, one of them is using my mum’s things and even flicking them at times if I find them nice, just as you do with your siblings.

This was out of sheer fun and I knew this was not something I would like for myself. After having a good dinner, I dozed off while chit-chatting with mum. The morning when I woke up and mistakenly touched my feet, I felt the difference. They were smoother and softer. Such an instant effect?

Each time I deviated myself from the thought, my feet pulled me back till the time I actually went back to the room and checked the details of the foot cream, which was Himalaya Foot Cream. My mum is fond of herbal products and I always loved the creams and cosmetics she uses. The key ingredients of this in particular were turmeric, honey, ginger and more. I never felt the need of a foot cream before, but the first application itself made me love it and I use it regularly now. Of course, the first one was the one I flicked from my mum’s drawer. Simple pleasures, wink!

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