Flipkart is the Genie for Whom Every Wish is a Command



Every human being has multiple wishes in life, some of which may be fulfilled while others may not. Flipkart, India’s online mega store, considers it a sacrosanct duty to put a smile on your face by fulfilling each and every wish, making it a true paradise for shopaholics like me. With Flipkart, one thing is sure: #EveryWishFulfilled. Don’t believe me? Have a look at this video that says it all https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7E_3iOoToQw.

I have had some splendid experience like the cute little girl in the video. She looks forward to her gift with such joy and wide amazement. It really reminds me of simpler times when a gift could make or break your day. I also enjoyed how the video brought back the idea that getting or giving a gift is somehow magical and when you think about the way Flipkart works, I’d have to say it is! From an inconsequential click of a button to getting your gift delivered to your home, the video with its animated storytelling narrative really captures the modern-day magic!

Like the little girl in the video, I do have made many wishes on Flipkart! Here are the 6 wishes that come true with Flipkart.

1) Gift Wrapping

Who would like to take the pain in gift-wrapping? I just leave it up to Flipkart. Each Flipkart order has the original packaging intact, placed in a sturdy box. You can choose to gift-wrap this box and include a message. I am mesmerized with the card that features the message. This serves as the surprise element. Gifting through Flipkart is one of the best ways of expressing your love and respect for your near and dear ones. With the Flipkart goodie bag, #EveryWishFulfilled is a certainty. Isn’t this good news?

2) Create Your Own Wishlist

Flipkart allows you to create a wishlist of your own, which you can make “public” or keep it as “private.” I love the public wishlist, as you may never know if someone who is generous or with a large heart may choose to gift you an item from your wishlist if it’s your birthday, marriage, or any special day. How wonderful is that? I have not been that lucky to win the hearts of a benefactor, but I’ve got my list up and so should you! What’s more, by adding items to your wishlist, you don’t have to memorize the things that need to be purchased because everything is listed in an organized manner.

3) Save Time and Fuel

Who wouldn’t want to save time? I love to save on time as I feel time is a luxury, one cannot afford to miss. Time is precious, and you wouldn’t want to extend your time devoted to shopping in the form of traffic jams and running from one store to another. With #EveryWishFulfilled from the comfort of your home, why would you shop at traditional brick-and-mortar shops? I would love to take some time off and relax at home. There are so many chores that I need to finish in the house that with Flipkart, I can save time on shopping. With Flipkart, any listed item can be ordered at the click of a button. Therefore, you can also save costs on fuel for your automobile. This is truly incredible.

4) Find Amazing Offers

Flipkart is renowned for the deals they offer. I always love a bargain! Especially when money earned, can also be money saved. Some of the deals are truly gob-smacking, offering excellent value for money. These deals are something you would want to take advantage of. I love Flipkart’s clothing range. It is simply mesmerizing because you get huge discounts, additional discounts, as well as cashback offers. There are umpteen mind-boggling offers, which you cannot afford to ignore, such as special shopping days and special shopping hours, to name a few. Hurray!

5) Endless Variety

Flipkart is a one-stop shop for a variety of goods, such as electronics, books, clothing, household items, and many more. I cannot get enough of Flipkart. I buy books, mobile accessories, sunglasses, watches and a lot of clothes in this one stop shop. With so many items under one single roof, you can compare products according to price, utility, and many other factors. What’s more, with clothing and apparel, you can mix and match available colors, and you get an image on your screen with regards to how it would appear. Yippee!

6) One-of-its-Kind Return Policy

If you are not satisfied with any of the products sold by Flipkart, you can return it within 30 days with no questions asked. Isn’t that awesome! Personally, I have returned clothes, almost every time I shop because I get to try on a variety of clothes before making my decision. The Returns Policy is a great advantage, especially in the clothing and apparel section, because the chosen garment may not fit your body when actually worn. Also, if there are any damaged goods (which is a rarity), you can promptly return them. I have never had any problem with a purchase with Flipkart and I have been an extremely satisfied client commenting on every purchase by reviewing it on Flipkart. This way, I can let all my friends know about my purchases and whether it was worthwhile making the purchase.

Flipkart stays true to its promise of #EveryWishFulfilled. Hence, it has become India’s largest e-commerce mega store.


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