Fly Without Wings


Fly Without Wings - Poem - Anupriya Mishra

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Let me fall in love, let me feel the pain;

Let me fall for someone, all over again.

Let me be alive, let me grow with time;

Let me make someone, forever mine.

Let emotions flow within, let me realize what love is;

Let all the hardness melt, let feelings seep in.

Let darkness vanish, let there be some light;

Let me rest in tranquil, let things be alright.

Let the prolonged wait end, let several colors blend;

Let me enjoy the swings, let me fly without wings.

Let me dream a dream, let me accept the reality;

Let me believe in love, as pure as dove.

Let me bring back life, let me meet the divine;

Let every bit of me feel, the miracle undefined.

So, let me fall in love, let me feel the pain;

Let me be ME, all over again.

Anupriya Mishra is a writer, an independent blogger, a voracious reader and a freelance journalist. Truly in love with life, she wishes to celebrate each day by contributing to her blog. Her passions such as reading, writing, traveling, and photography have their unending space on the blog, which is a true reflection of her personality. She calls herself, “Wanderer by choice, Writer by passion.” To know more about her travel escapades, take a look at the “Travel & Living” section of the blog. Moreover, she conducts reviews of books, movies, hotels and restaurants. She also has a penchant for Fashion, Lifestyle, Events, Promotions, Books, Music, Features and Poems, all of which find space on the blog.

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