How can you make a difference to someone’s life?

Compassion is one virtue that cannot be taught. It is either inborn or come gradually with the lessons life teach us. Sometimes even a small incident in your life can implant a seed of benevolence in your heart while at others, a biggest misery or a catastrophe would also leave you untouched. Emotions are somewhere getting buried with more emphasis on the practical approach towards life and the number of selfless people is depreciating day by day. However, when we talk of such people, some names still resonate in our mind and one such name is of the great philanthropist, a missionary–Mother Teresa.

Mother Teresa was one such person who served people selflessly. Without being a mother biologically, she was a mother to millions. She sacrificed her life for the well-being of underprivileged children. In return she got the love and respect from people all across the world. She lived with dignity, but what matters more is that she led a life full of deprivation. How many of us can even think to follow her footprints? Very few or none.

Mother Teresa was always inclined towards humanity just like her mother and that is why she chose it as a greater purpose of her life. It is important to live the life of your choice. However, what’s more important is to still be connected to humanity. You may be a millionaire, own copious lands, live the life of your dreams, be as practical as you want, and still be generous enough to give little to the society in your own way.

Not everyone is like the woman who lived all her life draped in a white saree with a blue striped border. Everyone loves to have colors in their life, but these colors look more vibrant if they can bring a smile to someone’s face and touch someone’s heart deeply.

Mother Teresa inspires me in many ways. She is my role model and helps me keep my benevolent side towards the sun. While reading a book today, I came across the lines, “One person can’t save the world. But if you have touched just a single person then that’s something worth living for.”

“The starfish”–Story that inspired me

There was a woman walking down a beach covered in starfish. As she walked, she saw a man carefully picking up starfish one at a time and gently placing them back into the ocean.

“Are you crazy?” the woman asked. “What difference is that ever going to make, with these hundreds of starfish?”

He smiled and answered. “It made a difference to that one.”


We are all here for a purpose. No matter what the purpose is, we can still be a reason for someone’s smile.

Compassion means a lot to me. Some encounters and incidents in life have even left me jolted, and each time they brought me closer to believing that the true happiness lies in understanding the emotions of people who have no blood relation with you. Relationships bind you to give happiness, but happiness does not have a boundary. You need to lend a hand to people, irrespective of who they are. There is no other relationship greater than humanity, and an act of kindness never goes unnoticed.  There’s a bit of me, which has always driven me towards philanthropy. I may or may not make sense, but all I know is that someone has to start to see a bigger and beautiful picture.

Likewise as Mother Teresa said:

“I alone can’t change the world. But I can cast a stone across the waters to create many ripples.”

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