How could you be so good 2016?



The year 2016 was a mixed bag of emotions, but that’s how every year passes by and each one of us says the same in the end. No, I am not saying the same. 2016 for me was a rocking good year and here’s why.

I lost some, I gained plenty

I learned enough in the process and journey.

Every year is adding a feather to my cap,

Of experiences galore and wisdom to evaluate.


I saw the different phases of life

I found me winning the battles in strive.

I learned how to complain less and thank more,

Passing by years made me grow mature.

How can I not thank God for giving me life?

When there are many who struggle to survive.


This year certainly distant me from some,

Brought me closer to many people–awesome.

It taught me to value every being,

Because life is short, there’s no point being mean.

I started to value moments big or small.

That’s what remains in memories for long.


2016 was a year I can look up to

For achievements innumerable, defeats very few

It made me realise the value of time

And that time is always consonant with a dime.

I relate this year to making me aware more

Of little nuances which success holds.


Last but not the least, 2016 was a year to dote

With so much of love and goodness in the air

It gave me abundant warmth and always been fair

Yes, 2016 was a rocking good year

It made me fonder, stronger and happier.

Anupriya Mishra is a writer, an independent blogger, a voracious reader and a freelance journalist. Truly in love with life, she wishes to celebrate each day by contributing to her blog. Her passions such as reading, writing, traveling, and photography have their unending space on the blog, which is a true reflection of her personality. She calls herself, “Wanderer by choice, Writer by passion.” To know more about her travel escapades, take a look at the “Travel & Living” section of the blog. Moreover, she conducts reviews of books, movies, hotels and restaurants. She also has a penchant for Fashion, Lifestyle, Events, Promotions, Books, Music, Features and Poems, all of which find space on the blog.


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