I wish for a star


Wish for a star-poem-anupriya mishra

When I saw those teeny weeny elements up in the sky,
I wondered how those sparkling pebbles reached so high.
Escaping slyly to the rooftop every night,
I gazed endlessly at them with a sense of reprieve.
I had been a child, who lived in her world of fancy,
I had a belief there was someone up there watching on me.
Oh! It isn’t God, I’m referring to,
I felt incarnation in those dazzling stones.
Now, when I look at the radiant deep blue skies,
The same feeling emerges and takes me back in time.
I feel the sky, the galaxy of stars are not the pebbles,
And, relate them to solitaires those are hard to find.
As each one of them holds in them somebody special,
Someone exceptional watches us all the time.
If you are up there, you would know,
How much we miss you and long for you.
You are with us today, tomorrow and forever,
As you have been the brightest stars, my brother.
If one thing I’ve wished for on this day,
I wish for that star where you reside; and keep it safe.

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