Infusing a Sense of Startup Culture



Almost a decade back, people were wary of the off-stream jobs and education streams.  They were even thoughtful of joining the companies which were less known. However, things have changed at a rocketing pace. Students are deviating from the mainstream to pursue their passion and job seekers are now becoming the job creators.

With due diligence and support of the family, peers and the government, India has come a long way in permeating the startup culture, giving it a constant boost and enriching the entrepreneurial spirit among youth. In fact, startups have an upper hand as they strive to fuel innovation, push the limits, and bring in change with a problem-solving attitude that can be a game changer in the long run. They support a special work culture which is transparent, respectful for individuals and open to their suggestions, irrespective of the hierarchies. This is why more and more established companies are drawing inspiration to enhance their redundant work pace and culture. This helps in higher retention of employees and giving them a free culture with enhanced productivity.

There’s a constant urge among entrepreneurs to scale up their business and take it to a new height. More and more individuals are now willing to take the risk and opt for this no more–a road less travelled. The continued govt. support and new initiatives supporting the startups in India has opened up new avenues for the budding entrepreneurs. The latest trends have shown a rise in entrepreneurs, incubators and disruptive thinkers. Isn’t it symbolic of a drift from the established business mindset to the contemporary ones?

Startup penetration has begun and it is a good sign for the Indian economy, which is also helping reverse the brain drain. Additionally, foreigners are eyeing opportunities in India and some of them like David Back and Greg Moran of Zoom Car India Pvt. Ltd., Bert Mueller, Gaelan Connell and Dharam Khalsa of Burrito Restaurant Pvt. Ltd. have already established their marks. Certainly, it’s a golden period for starting up in India with wider opportunities, bigger scopes and more sensible investment decisions expected this year. Are you ready to embrace the change?

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