Remembering Om Puri




“I have no regrets at all. I have done quite well for myself. I didn’t have a conventional face, but I have done well, and I am proud of it.”


Young Om Puri


Om Puri worked in multiple languages like Marathi, Telgu, Kannada, Punjabi, Malayalam, Hindi and English.


Versatile roles


Some of Om Puri’s work in English Movies.


IMDB rating for some of his work in Hindi movies.


“I had hoped when my life was chronicled, it would be an inspirational story.”

“It is my first preference to do films with social significance. Art cinema has given me credibility and status as an actor, but commercial cinema has given me a comfortable living.”

“I prefer working in good cinema, wherever it is. I like subjects that have a universal appeal.”

“When I was at school, I wanted to join the army. At college, I started acting in college plays, and it became a kind of addiction. I was very shy when I was at school, but the plays seemed to give voice to my feelings. ”

“Parallel cinema has not made an effort to communicate in a language the other person understands. ”

“I have been in the film industry for 35 years, and everyone, including the spot-boys, will vouch for my character.”

“I don’t spend on expensive brands. I don’t need foreign holidays.”

“In western countries, there are roles written for older actors. Films are made on them, including love stories.”

“As a young man, I was very introverted and quiet, but with a lot of intensity and feelings.”

“I was very sensitive to the environment around, and this disparity in people, seeing beggars and laborers not paid well, used to disturb me. So these emotions in these roles came very naturally to me. ”


Hota hai, aksar hota hai … ishq mein aksar hota hai … chot kahin lagti hai jakar … zakhm kahin par hota hai – (Mirzya)

Vardi kisi neta ki topi nahi hai … jise apne matlab ke liye jab chaha pehan liya aur jab chaha utaar diya Om Puri – (Vinashak)

Jab jab auraton ki aankhon se aasoon bahe hai … mardon ka khoon khaula hai Om Puri – (Uvaa)

Agar apne aap par bharosa ho to dosti kamyab bana deti hai. Aur agar apne aap par shak ho to barbad bhi kar sakti hai. – (London Dreams)

Khoon jab bolta hai toh maut ka tandav hota hai – (Marte Dum Tak)

Mazhab insaanon ke liye banta ha, mazhab ke liye insaan nahi bante – (Oh My God)

Marne se pehle mere baal dye kara den, I want to die young – (Aawar Pagal Deewana)

Ek sachcha aadmi hi apne sar par goli khane ke liye tayaar ho sakta hai – (Gupt)


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