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My Ratings

Food: 4/5

Ambiance: 4/5

Management: 2/5

Service: 2/5

Overall Rating: 3.5/5

There’s everything social about this Café & Lounge, Social Offline. As the name suggests, this place takes you back in time when people were socially active without using the internet or technology. Isn’t that interesting?

Yes, there is absolutely no internet connectivity at this place, the design or the architecture has been so. All you are left with is to ‘Socialize Offline’ with people who surround you.

Social Offline is located in one of the most happening places In Delhi, i.e. Hauz Khas Village or HKV as denoted by the youngsters. You need not miss this place if you have a company of good friends and you wish for a lively ambiance.

It is overwhelming to find such a place, which intends to connect people through face to face communication and not through any interface. If you hang out here with your friends, you simply enjoy the time with them without getting busy with your mobile phones—chatting, updating status or uploading pictures. That can anyways be done later, right?

So, what you do at Social Offline?

All you do is:

  • Hang out with your friends, date your partner or get together with your colleagues.
  • Enjoy the unique and lively ambiance with a little urban feel – bricked walls, cushion covers made of sacks, washroom fittings of iron instead of the stylish ones
  • Experience the innovatively designed seating area each time you visit. There are different seating areas that are given interesting names. The most happening is the ‘Social’, one of the sober corners is ‘Antisocial’ for people who prefer a comparatively silent dining area, ‘Chhat’ being the roof top drink and dine area perfect for couples, etc.
  • Take pleasure in the foot-tapping music
  • Quench your thirst by selecting from a wide options of cocktails, mocktails, hard & soft drinks, accompanied by some fabulous starters
  • Satiate your hunger pangs by ordering a perfect meal
  • Enjoy the lake view if you get through the couches towards the window side or of course the romantic seating area of Chhat, the terrace.

If you plan to visit HKV next time, do not miss this place. Be ready for the long waiting time that is a minimum of 20 minutes to even an hour and a half or more. You will have to be a little patient with the management here, even if you have waited for at least an hour already. Visit this place when you have ample time.


Price for two: INR 2000 (without drinks) & INR 3000-4000 (incl. of drinks)

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