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Prayers come to me as naturally as the phenomenon of breathing. I pray because I believe in the supreme power, the divinity and something miraculous that gives me strength to go on and on. Despite the failures, deceits, or losses, where does this strength to survive comes from?

Yes, I am a firm believer of God. Not out of fear, but faith. I have always felt some mystic powers within, that have always given me courage to cope up with any problem, big or small. Where does this courage come from? There is something inexplicable that gives you strength to fight any situation.

This power that transforms into strength in adversities; is what I call God. I may or may not worship an idol, but I know God exists because that supreme power exists. The power that can take charge of any situation and lay a protecting shell around you. Believing in God is believing the fact that there’s someone watching on you. That there’s someone superior to you, who is there to guide you and also punish you for the wrong deeds.

More than anything, I believe in God for it gives me inner peace. And, the most peaceful of all the prayers happen not in the biggest and noisiest of temples, monasteries or chapels, but the smaller ones or may be in one of the silent corners of your home. Perhaps that’s why it is said that God is omnipresent and the famous lines, one of my favorite compositions by Kabir since my school days:

Moko kahan dhoondhe re bande

Main to tere paas mein

Na teerath mein na moorat mein

Na kanth niwas mein

Na mandir mein na masjid main

Na Kabe Kailas mein

Na main jap mein na main tap mein

Na main barat upaas mein

Na main kiriya karam mein rehata

Na hi jog sanyas mein

Na hi pran mein na hi pind mein

Na bramhand aakaash mein

Na main prakrati pravar gufa mein

Sab swason ki saans mein

Khoji hoye turat mil jaoon

Ek pal ki taalas mein

Kehat Kabir suno bhai saadho

Main to hoon vishvas mein

The crux of these beautiful lines is that the Almighty will not be found in temples, mosques, ceremonies or rituals. God is inside each one of us. All we need is to feel his presence with undeterred faith. True!

I’m not highly spiritual. You’ll not find me visiting temples often or chanting sermons day in, day out.  I rather not favor the rigid traditions and customs or offerings that are made in the name of God. I also completely condemn the idea of floating idols in the seas and rivers during visarjana and firmly believe that it’s time to change our outlook, our modus operandi. It’s time to socialize with God in a better way rather than giving offerings in various forms that go down the drain. I believe in God in my simple ways.


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