Superfoods—Way to Healthy Living

Range of Superfood products
Range of Superfood products by CSRI-CFTRI

With increase in incidence of diabetes, heart impairment, and obesity among Indian populace, it is critical to choose our diet carefully and undergo a dramatic transition with foods like these

Often we hear the terms superman, superwoman or a supermom, but hardly do we hear about ‘Superfoods’. What are these? Yes, it did arouse a sense of excitement in me to know that the recent trade fair in Pragati Maidan, New Delhi also carried an exclusive exhibition and session by CSRI-Central Food Technological research Institute (CFTRI), the premier national institute for food technology, on a range of some really interesting food products, connoted as  ‘Superfoods’.

Superfoods bring health and nutrition best practices to everyday eating and living to the common man.  I was surprised with the sheer depiction of the range and their nutritional value. Some of these brilliant products developed from the revolutionary technology are:

Chia and Quinoa based Chocolates and Laddoos – Chia is the richest source of omega-3 fats from a vegetarian source and Quinoa has excellent protein quality and low glycemic load carbohydrates. Comprehensively, Chia and Quinoa have the potential to improve population health and both blend seamlessly into traditional food preparations.

Omega-3 enriched ice-cream – A 100% vegetarian, Omega-3-enriched Ice cream called “Nutriice” using Chia oil

Multigrain banana bar – This new addition along with products, such as nutri chikki with spirulina, rice beverage mix, high protein rusk, energy food, nutri sprinkle, sesame paste and fortified mango bars support the nutrition needs of growing children

Fruit juice-based carbonated drinks – Having high nutritional value and freshly prepared

To overcome the health hazards mentioned in the opening lines of this article, Superfoods is a blessing in disguise.  These have superior nutrition profiles which upon regular consumption can help improve health and wellness of the consumer.

The idea behind “Smart Foods” is to answer the specific needs of the consumer. In today’s hectic lifestyle where people are struggling with fatigue, insomnia, skin related issues, indigestion, stress; superfoods can be a savior.

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