Take me away


Take me to a place, I can be myself
I take a deep breath and enjoy the silence.

Take me to a different world, where liveliness dwells,
Oh! Let me forget my worries, to serenity seamless.

Hold my hand and take me away, from the life that’s demanding,
To a place where I sense love, and only love that’s deep within.

Come; take me before it’s too late for you and for me
Bring me some moments of warmth and tranquility.

Take me away from this life full of worries,
To a distant place, we build remarkable memories.

Steal me away from this world so obnoxious.
For the world that’s full of love enormous.

Yes, take me to a place I can be myself,
For once, just once let me live reveries.

Image Courtesy: Pictures.4ever

Anupriya Mishra is a writer, an independent blogger, a voracious reader and a freelance journalist. Truly in love with life, she wishes to celebrate each day by contributing to her blog. Her passions such as reading, writing, traveling, and photography have their unending space on the blog, which is a true reflection of her personality. She calls herself, “Wanderer by choice, Writer by passion.” To know more about her travel escapades, take a look at the “Travel & Living” section of the blog. Moreover, she conducts reviews of books, movies, hotels and restaurants. She also has a penchant for Fashion, Lifestyle, Events, Promotions, Books, Music, Features and Poems, all of which find space on the blog.


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