Think of Burgers? Think of Barcelos

Those who are familiar with this South African based fast food restaurant will instantly think of the white and the red and the black burgers as soon as they hear of Barcelos, also popularly known as ‘Home of Peri Peri’. And, those who are not, will wonder what am I talking about? It is hard to envisage the colorful burgers until you try them. Once you do try them, you will feel like trying it over and over.

There was a time when people were hesitant in experimenting and usually got stuck to one taste and some most heard of eateries. Times have changed. Everyone loves to experiment now and especially when it is something as strikingly innovative as the black and white burgers in India. Barcelos is the one to introduce it in India. Its Peri Peri specialties have a few more additions now, which is the talk of the town. The moment you mention Barcelos to someone, they do not miss to ask the black burger or the white one?

Black Burger is the specialty of Barcelos. The bun of this burger is black in color and so fresh that it easily melts in your mouth.

Just as their unique names, they have in them some unique ingredients like the white burger has coconut and milk powder, while the black ones have spinach, coco powder and roasted wheat. These ingredients not just give the unique color to the buns, but also a special aroma and taste. You can choose from the flavors of Tangy Lemon, Mild Peri, Veri Peri or Supa Peri depending on the level of spiciness your taste buds can bear. And, you can try either of the veg or the non-veg burgers or perhaps both if your tummy allows to do so. For the matter of fact is that one burger is big enough to stuff you, however the sumptuous taste of the black burger can leave you asking for more. Now, when you have made your pick, wouldn’t you like to have a drink? Do not forget the refreshing and exotic smoky peach drink. It is a must have!

Located in the heart of Khan Market, Barcelos is popular among the locals and the shopkeepers. Towards the back side of the main market, populated by several eateries, bars and restaurants, this food joint, the first of its kind in India, makes for a special place to hangout.

A narrow passage of wooden stairs leads you to this two floored restaurant.The photo frames on the walls of the passage showcase Barcelos in different locations. The first thing I noticed was the enough natural light that blended in right proportions with the yellow lights, adding to the beauty of the interiors. This place is subtly decorated with wooden interiors and green plants that add to its aesthetic appeal. The staff is warm and active.

Overall, this place is fabulous if you plan an outing with your friends or for business get-togethers. Barcelos also demands a visit if you are fond of having burgers and wish to try something unique. Go for the Black Burger over any other, it is the ‘King’ of all burgers.

Meals for two: Rs. 600-800

Address: 57, Khan Market, New Delhi



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