This Too Shall Pass


Life - Poem - Anupriya Mishra

There are sunshine days, and then there are days that are cloudy,

There is energy to keep going, and there’s a time you halt down.

Sometimes, you are overwhelmed and feel like the king of jungle,

But, then there are times when you feel as calm as puddle.

There are days that are bright, followed by a deep dark night.

However, there hasn’t been a night that didn’t welcome the daylight.


Life goes on and on; sometimes sweet moments, else the experiences sour,

You may at times feel as the only one, who battles this trivial war,

But, believe me there are in-numerous splendid suns and its a small shower.

There are people, who are meagerly blessed than you are;

And, they are fighting extremities of poverty, hunger every hour.

Then there are some, who are surviving against disabilities,

Some who have been abandoned by their children or relatives, near and far.


Ask yourself, has life been that unfair to you, or there are few as lucky as you?

Blessed is he, who is capable to earn, support, care, and serve,

Thankfully, strives that you face are temporary, which will surely pass.

Nothing can be as challenging as fighting against all odds,

And, no fight can be bigger than living for a social cause.

There are plenty who fight the toughest battle; the battle against life

They don’t give up easily and live with a hope to survive.


Do not panic, if you get to see pains and life seems a burden to carry on,

The Almighty knows what you are capable of and of course, this too shall pass.

Have faith, move on and you’ll see the miraculous change,

Problems vanishing into thin air and slowly life will be the same.

Thank God to get away with some temporary scuffle than a permanent plight.

Certainly, to enjoy the rains it’s important to have days full of gleaming light.

Anupriya Mishra is a writer, an independent blogger, a voracious reader and a freelance journalist. Truly in love with life, she wishes to celebrate each day by contributing to her blog. Her passions such as reading, writing, traveling, and photography have their unending space on the blog, which is a true reflection of her personality. She calls herself, “Wanderer by choice, Writer by passion.” To know more about her travel escapades, take a look at the “Travel & Living” section of the blog. Moreover, she conducts reviews of books, movies, hotels and restaurants. She also has a penchant for Fashion, Lifestyle, Events, Promotions, Books, Music, Features and Poems, all of which find space on the blog.

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