Top 5 Must Read Books at the Age of 30



Only 30-Year-Old would know what it is like to have completed three decades. Almost everyone by this age has undergone hardships, failures and of course success in bits and pieces. By now, people have had lots of experiences and learned lessons at various stages. Majority of people get married and have children. Yet, there are certain extraordinary lessons that come not with time and age, but learned through ordinary sources like books. It has been rightly said that books are one’s best friend. There are some books that give you a different vision towards life and help you overcome your routine troubles. Also, there are some books that entertain you and lighten up your mood. In entirety, books are an ideal way to learn, laugh, express and live all your experiences of life.

There are some books that every individual must read at the age of 30, below mentioned is the list of all such books:

  • Man’s Search for Meaning: This wonderful book, written by Victor Frankl, falls in the genre of Life Philosophy. Frankl from his set of observations and experiences derive in this book that it’s ones attitude, which differentiates him from the other in sustenance, no matter what the circumstances. It is a highly motivating book that teaches self-realization.
  • The 48 Laws of Power: The 48 Laws of Power is written by Robert Greene. The book states the “laws” on how to attain power and be influential enough to take control of any situation. The book teaches you some practical approaches towards succeeding in life. Greene has beautifully written the book that features only achievable methods for being successful in life.
  • In Defense of Food: The book is written by Michael Pollan. Pollan has illustrated a very different perspective towards the food we consume and covered an in-depth nutritional philosophy. He states that before you intake what you call as food, it is essential to know the basics of food and its need in our body or how is it essential to keep your heart functioning.
  • Rich Dad Poor Dad: The book is excellently written by Robert Kiyansaki. The author has tried to describe the right value of money and the methods that will push to take right financial decisions to be successful in life. Any delusion about money can draw you towards taking wrong decisions and force you to make less profitable moves.
  • The Joy of Cooking: The joy of cooking is written by Irma Rombauer, and illustrated by her daughter Marion. The author is a widow and she had used all her life’s savings in self-publishing this book. It is an ideal culinary book for all the housewives and those who are passionate about cooking. Aside to this, all those who do not know how to cook, this book will urge you to cook for your loved ones as it has things as simple as boiling eggs to preparing special dishes . The book is just the right stop for all those who are keen to master the art of cooking.    

Every person at some or the other stage of life requires help and all the above mentioned books can teach you constructive and ingenious lessons of life to shape your present and future in earnest ways.

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