Ultimo Smart Chopper by Tupperware: A Handy Solution to Chop Day-to-day Veggies



Traditional cooking is now considered passe. From housewives to working women, what’s picking up is the smart housekeeping. Keeping this in mind, Tupperware has always been a caring partner who simplify our lives in the kitchen and add colors to it. And, this time it’s the Ultimo Smart Chopper that’s making rounds. I heard about it a month ago and witnessed it lately at one of my friend’s kitchen. It was so simple in its functionality that I could not stop to get one for myself.

Often, it’s cumbersome to chop those onions, garlic, ginger, tomatoes, and chilies without which the cooking seems impossible? They make the main ingredients and contribute to spices in almost every meal in different combinations though. But, now that I own this smart chopper, my  life seems simpler and all thanks to Tupperware. I can now easily prepare salsa dips, chop vegetables for chilla, finer chop onions, tomatoes, garlic and ginger for gravy in a blink of an eye. Yes, that may not sound new to you, but when I say that it doesn’t run on electricity, doesn’t require any effort, easily washable, zero maintenance and portable enough to keep in any corner of your kitchen. Does that make it interesting? Does that sound befitting your compact modular kitchens and studio apartments? It does to me.

 The superior quality blades chop within just a couple of seconds and see-through base to help you identify the coarseness of the vegetables. I just made some yummylicious chilla with some capsicum, onion, garlic. Try something new everyday.

Now, just check out the video to see how smoothly it works and simplifies my life even on weekdays when I’ve to rush to work:



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